Saturday, March 29, 2014

RPi-Monitor join the PiStore

RPi-Monitor is joining The Pi Store
The version 2.6 is the 14th release of RPi-Monitor and the first to be available in the store.
Next versions will also be installable from the store...

The dedicated page is available here :
RPi-Monitor will continue to be installable using the standard process using the .deb package which have the advantage to not be dependent of any Graphical User Interface.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

RPi-Monitor Interactive Configuration Helper

Version 2.6 introduced a new feature named RPi-Monitor Interactive Configuration Helper. This article is detailling how to use it to monitor a ntfs volume.

First execute the following command:

rpimonitord -i

Press Enter

Sunday, March 16, 2014

RPi-Monitor: Version 2.6 is available

The version 2.6 of RPi-Monitor has been released.

If you don't know yet what RPI-Monitor do, have a look to RPi-Monitor Overview.

What's new in this version?
This version is coming with few improvement and bug fixes.

Here is the changelog of version 2.6:
  • Add version.json, menu.json and friends.json generation to fix issue #25
  • Check is file is executable (instead of existing) to define if it should be executed
    Warning: a new perl dependency has been added: File::Which
  • Generate empty.rrd at each request to fix issue #23
  • Generate empty.rrd at each start workaround for issue #23 when using an external web server
    Note: empty.rrd need to be generated each time a static data need to be drawn into a graph. The embedded server does that. With external server, it is not possible. Restarting RPI-Monitor periodically will improve the accuracy but not fix the bug.
  • Improve shellinabox management <IP>/shellinabox forwards to https://<IP>:4200
  • Add RPi-Monitor Interactive Configuration Helper

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

RPi-Monitor: Version 2.5.1 is available

Note: A new version of RPi-Monitor is available: Version 2.6.
All the details about the latest version of Rpi-Monitor are in RPi-Monitor overview

The version 2.5.1 of RPi-Monitor has been released (replacing the version 2.5 due to issue #22).

If you don't know yet what RPI-Monitor do, have a look to RPi-Monitor Overview.

Photo from Flickr by todbot AttributionNoncommercial cc-by-nc 

What's new in this version?
Some users have pushed their Raspberry Pi to its limits and found some side effect in RPi-Monitor. This version comes with improvement to fix such side effects. Thanks to allo the contributoirs which help me to improve RPi-Monitor.

Here is the changelog of version 2.5.1:

  • Update rrd graph with unkown data if fetched information is not a valid number
  • Fix issue #22 : empty.rrd file not properly generated

And changelog of version 2.5:
  • Fix issue #16: (v2.4) Network Graph displaying Bytes/s not in bits/s (wrong Legend) (From deMattin)
  • Update configuration to be compatible with NOOBS as proposed in issue #17 (From deMattin)
  • Implement modification for small screen proposed in issue #18 (From deMattin)
  • Change footer to better fit with small screens
  • Implement pull request #20: Counting buffers and cache as available memory (From Harbulot)
  • Add the possibility to set Min and Max values for rrd graphs in configuration file (issue #19 #21)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Add WiFi to Raspberry Pi and monitor it with RPi-Monitor

For internet connection, it could be interesting to add a WiFi connection to the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi with WiFi 802.11n dongle

This article is explaining how to configure WiFi  n a Raspberry Pi and how to monitor this new network interface with RPi-Monitor.